About Us
About Us

Our Law Firm has been founded in Medellin 0n the year 1919 by Dr. Fabio Ochoa Naranjo and for 60 years has provided constant legal services to individuals and well known companies alike.

Since then, the office has grown and in 1984 was constituted as a company, involving additional people, among them descendents of the founder, thus becoming a well known and reputable Law Firm in the Country, with an office also in Bogota employing law specialists and extending Legal consulting services.

 Naranjo Abogados is a leading organization providing legal services on national and international levels, which is considered an effective and optimal to organization to contribute to the fortification of justice, as can be evidenced by its Customers satisfaction.
Aware of the importance of offering services in the areas of law NARANJO ABOGADOS LTDA has compiled this publication with an overview of its professionals and services offered to the community.

Through long practice, NARANJO ABOGADOS LTDA  has decided to concentrate its services in the areas of civil, commercial, fiscal and public law. The Firm has specialized in administrative law, particularly in contracts with the Government and public finance, areas in which the firm has participated in projects of national interest. 
The extensive experience of our attorneys, along with a prestigious team of consultants in different areas, combine to offer services of the highest grade. Our office also utilizes expert services of administrative support, composed of professionals including engineers, business managers, economists and accountants.

We also have the most modern communication systems and database. NARANJO ABOGADOS LTDA , has two principal offices: one in the city of Medellín, led by its founder, Dr. Fabio Ochoa Naranjo, and one in Bogota, headed by Dr. Carlos Eduardo Naranjo Florez. It also has correspondent Law Offices in other cities around the country and abroad.