Our Experience
Our Experience

NARANJO ABOGADOS has represented and advised Colombian and foreign clients of public and private entities in various negotiations and projects, such as:

1. Construction of the guild in the first generation of national awards. 

2. Creation and legal consolidation of Odins SA. Company engaged in projects of State concessions for the development of roads and public works in general (1992-1995) 

3. The process of privatization of state Main Roads, auctions and legalization of contracts with the Ministry of Transportation and the National Roads Institute INVIAS. We have been involved with these processes in many groups of companies. 

4. Advice on the Medellin Metro contract. 

5. Advising on the process and signing of the Convention for the creation of METROBUS System for Bogotá. 

6. Several B.O.T, O.M.S.T and B.O.M.T projects,, particularly in the following areas: 
- Barrancabermeja-Ballenas-La Guajira Gas Pipeline. 
- Alvarado & Ecopetrol Gas Pipeline 
- Monopoly of Spirits in the departments of Magdalena, and Cordoba 
- Highway Concessions on the Atlantic coast, eastern Antioquia, Chia – Mosquera –

- Hospital Network 
- Municipal Water Supply 
- Several hydroelectric projects: Misicun (Bolivia), Boruca, (Costa Rica), UrráI (Colombia). 

7. Several Colombian municipalities in the management of oil royalties. 

8. Many domestic Engineering firms.

9. Several dozens of municipalities in managing the affairs of public services and the privatization process, and in topics of budgetary issues

10. Structuring of investment projects

11. We have advised on public finance to the Colombian Federation of Municipalities and we continue to be their appointed attorneys in proceedings on the issue.

12. NARANJO ABOGADOS also extends administrative assistance to any public entity either directly or in partnership with other law firms

13. Legal Advice related to various government agencies such as Telecom, Ministry of Agriculture and Communications, especially in Constitutional and Administrative Law. 

14. Commercial advice to private companies.

NARANJO ABOGADOS currently represents major clients before the Administrative Tribunal and the State Council, in particular issues pertaining to state contracts, public finance and tort.

Our practice covers a broad vision in the various fields, particularly those related to international transactions, government contracting procedures, including submission of tenders for national and foreign bidders, claims and contractual claims and relations with the state in general.